FRAT LAB residencies [2 intense-weeks from March to September]

FRAT Biennial [September-October 2020]

FRAT lives, works and explores solutions within a very special location of the mega-city of Lagos – LAGOS ISLAND. It is one of the centres of historic and cultural spaces in Lagos with also a stronghold of the Yoruba peoples. The streets are hotbeds of activity, of exchange and of information dispersal. Community is important here - everyone knows everyone, co-existing and co-habitation are central tenants of the neighbourhood. 


LAGOS ISLAND is the living heart of our community, and FRAT is part of this warm family. Our central motivation is to engage often towards the development of sustainable projects, which can generate positive impact – either by improving conditions, creating opportunities but also feeding hearts and stimulating the minds for the future. 


Each participant that has the opportunity to be welcomed into our community should first understand critically the context of the Nigerian history of extraction in its culture. They should ask themselves how they can bring themselves to the level of response-ability and must be critical in asking themselves what assumptions and pre-meditated beliefs they will be bringing into this context. 


Therefore, we would like you to reflect on the following questions, before you fill this submission form, simply because you will be finding yourself in a city that is culturally unlike any other in the world and we want you to be aware of yourself:

1. How good are you at problem solving and making while being happy?

2. How much do you internalise the process as something that ought to change & alter you internally more than something that should create a concrete outcome?

3. What are your internal steadying processes – do you know what you need for social and mental wellbeing rather than just “working”? 

4. How important is sustainability in your life and practice?

What we are looking for (not exhaustive):

1. For creative leaders who are interested in systems, who are thinking about relationships between human beings, and ways of doing things, as well as, contributing to a space for critical reflection about making an impact in people’s life and society;

2. For creatives who have practice-based projects/research/ideas and have the capacity to immerse themselves into the community during 2 intensive weeks;

3. For creative minds who also want to maintain a long-term relationship with FRAT;

4. We are looking for creative minds [from artists to scientists and, community leaders] that can bring sustainable solutions for our 2020 theme – plastic waste.